A Simple, Wireless "Garage Left Open" Reminder
without the Complicated Apps and Wi-Fi

Do you ever wonder if you left the garage door open at night? Do you wish there was an easy, reliable way to check without having to walk over or use your phone or other complicated piece of technology? GarageEye lets you know if your garage is open or closed with a simple glance at a light that you can place anywhere inside of your property.

GarageEye consists of a battery-powered sensor which sticks on the inside of your garage door, and an indicator light which can be plugged in to any outlet. The indicator light comes pre-paired to the sensor so there is no setup necessary; just insert the batteries, mount the sensor, plug in the indicator light, and have peace of mind!

A rendering of our custom indicator stick with the lights all turned onA rendering of our custom indicator stick with the battery and signal strength lights turned on (green) and the main light turns off (indicating a closed garage)A diagram showing that one sensor can communicate with many indicatorsA diagram showing the range of our module. It can span many homes across a neighborhood.Two AA batteries

If you would like more than one indicator light to light up when your garage is open, you can purchase extra indicators individually and follow a simple pairing process to pair your existing sensor to the extra indicators. There is no limit on how many indicators you can have paired to one sensor (but each indicator can only be paired to one sensor at a time).

GarageEye uses a special radio technology which offers an extremely long range wireless connection between your sensor and indicator (up to 600 feet with an unobstructed view; in realistic cases, closer to 100 feet with many obstructions in the way).

GarageEye uses standard AA batteries (2x) and has an extremely long battery life of 1 year.

The indicator light glows red when the garage is open (hover over this image to see it in action), and is off when the garage is closed. For extra peace of mind, the indicator has a color-coded signal strength light and a battery level light which lets you know that your sensor is connected well and healthy.

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